Select Poems. with Introd. and Notes by Frederick Henry Sykes
A Ready Reckoner for the Use of Maltsters, Farmers & Seedsmen
Timehri Volume 7
Annual Report of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, Volume 7
Aristophanis Plutus, Volume 1, Part 1
Commonhealth, Volume 7
Duranti, Premier President Du Parlement de Toulouse: Ou, La Ligue En Province
Longinus on the Sublime
A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments
Pure Mathematics
Historie Der Boecaniers of Vrybuiters Van America
Kemptisches Denckmahl
Letters to Mrs.Bevan
Godolphin, Or, the Oath, Volume 1
William Wilberforce: His Friends and His Times
William Windom, 1827-1890: His Public Services
William with the Ring: A Romance in Rhyme
William Winston
An Introduction to Determinants with Numerous Examples
Now We Got Our Bible
The Criterion Or, the Test of Talk about Familiar Things
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Volume 17
Oxford and the Rhodes Scholarships
Critical Dialogue Between Aboo and Caboo on a New Book: Or a Grandissime Ascension
Elphinstone, Volume 1
Bright and Brief Talks to Men; Twenty-One Addresses for Pleasant Sunday Afternoons
The Cradle of Christianity, Or, Some Account of the Times of Christ ...
The Augustan Books of Modern Poetr
Bells and Echoes from the White Temple
The Banks O' Cree, and Other Poems
Songs of the Green Verdugo Hills
An Address to Young Persons about to Be Confirmed
William, a Farce in One Act
William Wordsworth, His Life, Works, and Influence, Volume 2
William, an Englishman
William Wordsworth, His Life, Works, and Influence Volume 1
William Wordsworth: A Biography
William, Allair; Or, Running Away to Sea
Report of the Board of Trustees, Issue 2
A Letter on the Inspiration of Holy Scripture: Addressed to a Student
Essay on the Advantages of Savings Banks to the Working-Classes
Report: State Water Problems Conference
Eminent Americans: Comprising Brief Biographies of Three Hundred and Thirty Distinguished Persons
An Ode to the Memory of Our Country's Father
Bianca Capello: A Tragedy
Helps to Happiness: Poems
Poems of Thomas J. Trusler
Autobiography and Reminiscences of Sarah J. Cummins
The Place of Washington in the History of Western Pennsylvania
How to Grade and Teach a Country School
William White: A Brother of Men
William Whitney Rice: A Biographical Sketch Volume 2
William Wilberforce
William Whitney Rice: A Biographical Sketch
Annual Report of the Industrial Accident Board
Rationis Medendi, in Nosocomio Practico Vindobonensi, Volume 3
Vindicatif, Le: Drame En Cinq Actes Et En Vers Libres
Lectures on the Philosophy of History: Accompanied with Notes, and Illustrative Engravings
Agriculture of Maine: Annual Report of the Secretary of the Maine Board of Agriculture
Erlauterungen Uber Karstens Mathematische Analysis
William Walter Phelps, His Life and Public Services; Volume 1
William W. Wedemeyer Late a Representative from Michigan
William Watson
William Wetmore Story and His Friends, from Letters, Diaries, and Recollections Volume 2
A Confession of Faith Owned and Consented Unto ... at Boston
A Condition of the Heart: Growing Beyond Church Doctrine
A Confession of Faith
On the Eve of the War
Cruickshank Science Library, Subject Catalogue
The Sunday School Hand-Book ..
Constitution of the Commonwealth and the Rearrangement Thereof
The Rambles of an Idler
A Consideration of Certain Factors Affecting the Net Duty of Irrigation Water
A Conquering Corps Badge: And Other Stories of the Philippines
A Conquering Heroine
William the Conqueror: A Historical Romance
A Confident To-Morrow: A Novel of New York
A Confirmation Manual, Ed. by C. Hinxman
A Confidential Agent, Volume 3
A Conflict of Opinion: A Discussion on the Failure of the Church
A Confidential Agent, Volume 2
The Sensations of the Alimentary Canal
Transactions Volume 56
Parliamentary Reminiscences and Reflections Volume 1
Children's Gardens for Pleasure, Health and Education
Alumni Report Volume 38 N.7
Crude Rubber and Compounding Ingredients; A Textbook of Rubber Manufacture
Public Health Nursing Volume 11 N.4
President Wilson
The Rhetorical Reader, Consisting of Choice Specimens of Oratorical Composition, in Prose and Verse
Cressy Volume 1
Our Little Town and Other Cornish Tales and Fancies
Creosoted Timber: Its Preparation and Uses
Critical and Exegetical Hand-Book to the Gospel of Matthew Volume 2
The First Deslandres' Group of the Positive Band Spectrum of Nitrogen, Under High Dispersion
Provisional Drill Regulations for Field Artillery (4.7-Inch Gun) United States Army. 1917
Studies in the Field & Forest
International Record of Medicine Volume 12 N.2
The Montreal Medical Journal Volume 5, No.1
The Laird's Luck, and Other Fireside Tales
The History and Adventures of Godfrey Ranger
Aucassin & Nicolette: Translated from the Old French
The Brandy Drops; Or, Charlie's Pledge and the Temperance Boys
Democracy and Peace, the Position of the United States After the War;
From Behind the Factory Walls
Alexander Henderson, Churchman and Statesman
Comparative Effectiveness of Some Visual AIDS in Seventh Grade Instruction
Easy Terms, a Domestic Comedy
Gebet Des Herrn, Das
Academicae Annotationes: Continet Anatomica, Physiologica, Pathologica, Zoographica, Volume 3
The Lock and Key Library: The Most Interesting Stories of All Nations Volume 2
London Visions; Collected and Augm
Song of the Rivers
History of the United Netherlands... 6 V
What Is Truth? a Sermon
The Company of Royal Adventurers Trading Into Africa
A Discourse Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church
At the Crossing with Denis McShane
Selections from Point Lace and Diamonds
Another Five-Minute Recitations
A Continental Tour, Together with Notes and Anecdotes of Diplomatic Life, by 'May Fly'
A Continuation of the Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian, Volume 1
William Tell; A Drama of the Origin of Swiss Democracy
William Tell: A Play
William Tell, a Dramatic Sketch [In Verse, by S.S. Derenzy]
William Tell, Or, the Patriot of Switzerland
William Tell, the Patriot of Switzerland
William Tell: A Lyric Drama in Three Acts
William Tell: A Play [In Verse.]
William the Baptist
A Constitutional Manual for the National American Party
A Constitutional Tax for the Support of Higher Educational Institutions in Texas
William Tanner of North Kingstown, Rhode Island and His Descendants
William Sumner Appleton
William T. Sherman
William Tecumseh Sherman as College President
William Stokes, His Life and Work (1804-1878);
William Sutherland: A Biography
A Consideration of the Continued Fevers in the Tropics ..
A Conspiracy Under the Terror: Marie Antoinette, Toulan, Jarjayes
A Conspectus of the Pharmacop IAS of the London, Edinburgh
Life and Speeches of Hamilton Ward. 1829-1898
Report on the Poultry Industry in America
Best Things from American Literature
Arthur Innes Adam, 1894-1916. a Record Founded on His Letters
Bishop Potter's Address
School Agriculture, with Experiments and Exercises; A Text Book for Rural and Graded Schools
The Importance of Pam, a Comedy in Three Acts
Elementary School Standards: Instruction: Course of Study: Supervision; Applied to New York City Schools
Authors' Readings
The American Carnation; How to Grow It
Poems of Sixty-Five Years
Addresses and Memorials of Orville Dewey Baker (1847-1908)
Peaceful Valley: A Famous Play in Three Acts
The Electorate and the Legislature
The Creed of Half Japan: Historical Sketches of Japanese Buddhism
The Roman Question
O. Henry Papers
On the Battle Front of Engineering
Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life
Charity: The Great End and Design of Christianity
Memories of Patmos: Or, Some of the Great Words and Visions of the Apolcalypse
Sermons for Sundays and Some Other Holidays of the Christian Year
Assessed Valuation of Property and Amounts and Rates of Levy: 1860-1912
Table Talk, and Other Poems, with Illustr. by H.Weir [And Others]
Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, Volume 1
Jacob Faithful Volume 5
Account of the Trial of John Edwards
Soviet Politics the Dilemma of Power
Souvenir the Indian Empire
Henry Hilliard: Or, the Three College Friends
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 4 N.6
The Quatrains of Omar Khayyam
Gunners' Instruction (Fixed Mortars)
Memoirs Volume 14
Memoirs Volume 37
The Illinois Whigs Before 1846
A Condensed History of the 56th Regiment
Latian Summers: And an Excursion in Umbria
A Condensed Anti-Slavery Bible Argument
A Condensed History of Modern Times
A Condensed History of Nebraska for Fifty Years to Date ..
A Condensed Practical Treatise Upon Horsemanship
A Condensed History
A Condensed Compendium of Pharmaceutical Knowledge: A Quiz Book
A Condensed History of Texas for Schools
Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels
Scenes from the Bible
Daniel Owen, y Nofelydd: Bywgraphiad
Interviews: Memorable and Useful: From Diary and Memory Reproduced
Mathematical Proceedings, Volume 4
Finland: Its Forests and Forest Management
An Oration, Delivered at Salem, on the Fourth of July, 1812
The Rise and Decline of the Wheat Growing Industry in Wisconsin
Important Features in Rural School Improvement
The Administration of Justice in Criminal Matters (in England and Wales)
A Treatise on the Law of Judical and Execution Sales
Eulogy on the Life and Character of William Henry Harrison
Songs of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity
Principles of Political Economy: Book 1. Production. Book 2. Distribution. 2D Ed. 1902
Tancred: A Tale, and Other Poems
Sermons . Fifteen Sermons Preached on Several Occasions
First Year Algebra
William Shakspere and Robert Greene: The Evidence
William Shakespeare: Poet, Dramatist, and Man
William Shakspeare's Hamlet Prince of Denmark: Tragedy in Five Acts
William Shakespeare; A Study in Elizabethan Literature
William Thomas Arnold, Journalist and Historian
A Contribution
A Contribution to a Bibliography of Henri Bergson
A Contribution to Agricultural Botany: Being Lessons from Turnip Singling
A Continuation of the Reverend Mr. Whitefield's
A Contribution to a Bibliography of Thomas Jefferson
William Penn (1644-1718)
A Contribution Toward a Bibliography of Marcus Whitman,
A Contribution to the Theory of Glacial Motion
Technical Repository, Volume 11
The Mind of the Child: The Development of the Intellect
Report on a General Scheme of Improvements for the Harbour of Montreal
College Latin Course in English
American Journal of Mathematics, Volume 32
Fair Value-- Economic and Legal Principles, by Heiskell Bryan Whaling
Lays and Legends of Cheshire, with Other Poems and Ballads
Meditations and Prayers Appropriate to the Holy Communion
A Copy of the Poll List
A Coprehensive Commentary on the Quran Vol-2
A Coppy of a Letter Found in the Privy Lodgeings at Whitehall
A Copy of the Laws of Harvard College, 1665
Christoph. Ioannis Conradi Engelbrecht ... Commentatio de Utilitate Atque Necessitat Studii Juris Germanici
Klondike and All about It
Emigration to Canada and the United States: Report
Madame Lucas
The Rollo Series: Rollo's Philosophy: [V.1] Water. [V.2] Air. [V.3] Fire. [V.4] Sky
An Essay on a Registry, for Titles of Lands: By Mr. Asgill
Commercial and Industrial Organizations of the United States
The Mutual Recognition and Exalted Felicity of Glorified Saints, Letters
The Pupils' Arithmetic, Book 4
The Morse Speller
MacMillan's Course of French Composition Volume 3
The Son of Man
Makers of the Nineteenth Century
International Record of Medicine Volume 5, No.1
International Record of Medicine Volume 115 N.10
A Constitution in Making 1660 1714
A Constitution for the United States of the World
A Constitution in Making, (1660-1814)
A Congressional History of Railways in the United States to 1850
A Congo Chattel: The Story of an African Slave Girl
A Confutation of Popery, in III Parts ...
A Congo Chattel; The Story of an African Slave Girl
The Brass Bowl. with Illus.
Proverbial Philosophy, a Book of Thoughts and Arguments Originally Treated
The Chronicles of America Series Volume 39
High Life Above Stairs
The Day-Book of John Stuart Blackie
Child's Friend and Youth's Magazine
Praise and Principle: Or, for What Shall I Live?
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, Volume 12
Odette's Marriage
Selfishness, in Its Various and Numerous Transformations, a Lecture
In Omnia L.C E I I Firmiani Opera Disserta Tionum
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, Volume 19
Old Greek Education
Literary and Biographical Magazine, and British Review, Volume 11
Art and Life, Volume 6, Issue 5
Soil Survey of Blair County, Pennsylvania
House Beautiful, Volume 12
Rit Ess Islenzka Laerdoms-Lista Felags: I-XV Bindini Fyrir Arit 1780-94
William Thornton and Negro Colonization
William Uhler Hensel; An Appreciation
William Tyndale
William Tyndale Martyr for the Bible
Apologia Pro Oscar Wilde
Martial, the Epigrammatist and Other Essays
The Face at the Window
Grant Memorial Services, Brownsville, Nebraska, August 8th, 1885
Tudor and Stuart Love Songs;
Dreamings of the Waking Heart: With Other Poems
The Common Sense of Economic Science
The Yale Review, Volume 12
Saleswomen in Mercantile Stores, Baltimore, 1909
The Enthusiasm of Methodists and Papists Compared: In Three Parts.
Nature Study Rambles Round St. Andrews
Antiquitates Michaelsteinenses Et Amelunx Bornenses
The Knave of Clubbes
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 5 N.8
Royal Society of Health Journal Volume 33 N.12
The Papal Moloch; Or, the Human Sacrifices of the Inquisition [By J.C.C. Maccaul]
Literary Essays Volume 2
William Shakespeare: A Critical Study, Volume 2
William Shakespeare: His Homes and Haunts
William Montgomery: Or, the Young Artist, by Mrs. Blackford
William McKinley; A Biographical Study Volume 2
William Moon, LL.D., F.R.G.S., F.S.A., and His Work for the Blind
William Mills Donaldson and His Forbears: A Compilation of Genealogical Facts and Family Traditions
The World Above; A Duologue
Centennial Address
The Mende Language: Containing Useful Phrases, Elementary Grammar, Short Vocabularies, Reading Materials
L'Eclipse Totale: Comedie En Un Acte Et En Vers, Melee D'Ariettes
Forney's Catechism of the Locomotive, Part 2
Marken and Its People
Political Philosophy: Of Democracy Mixed Monarchy, Part 3
Jicarilla Apache Texts, Volume 8
Countess Violet
Illustrations of Political Economy
Memoirs Volume 16
The Old Lieutenant and His Son, by the Editor of 'Good Words'
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 2 N.5
The Labor Contract from Individual to Collective Bargaining
The Northern Angler: Or, Fly-Fisher's Companion
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 2 N.3
Nollenkens and His Times
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N.22
Tatiani Oratio Ad Graecos
Muhlenbergia: A Journal of Botany, Volume 4
Is the Case Made Out? Or, a Few Calm Remarks on the Church-Rate Question
British Medical Journal, Volume 1
Denver, by Pen and Picture;
Mathematical Proceedings, Volume 7
Inductive Sociology: A Syllabus of Methods, Analyses and Classifications, and Provisionally Formulated Laws
Physical Review, Volume 22
A Cordial for Low Spirits, Volume 1
A Cordial for Low Spirits: Another Cordial for Low Spirits
A Copy of the Royal Charter and Statutes of the Society
A Cordial for Low Spirits: Being a Collection of Curious Tracts, Volume 2
A Cordial for Low Spirits: Being a Collection of Curious Tracts, Volume 1
William McKinley, Volume 2
William McKinley--And Twenty Years After
Commercial Russia
Eggs from Every Cage, Describing Laying Battery Management
The American Diary of a Japanese Girl
Tramping Through Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras; Being the Random Notes of an Incurable Vagabond
William Lloyd Garrison, at the Funeral Services
William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879: The Story of His Life Told by His Children
The Tower: With Legends and Lyrics
The Danish Islands: Are We Bound in Honor to Pay for Them?
Essays, Speculative and Suggestive
Beacon Lights of History Volume 8
Beacon Lights of History Volume 9
The Foreign Missionary: An Incarnation of a World Movement
Great Debates in American History: The Civil War
Bulletins, Volume 2
The Fatal Effects of Ardent Spirits: A Sermon
Egypt and the Egyptian Question
Niles' Weekly Register, Volume 12
The Topographical Works: A Tour Through Cornwall
William Lloyd Garrison Volume 2
William Lloyd Garrison and His Times
Notes on the Ohio Shales and Their Faunas, Volume 2
Dramatic Works: The Love-Chase. Woman's Wit
Full Swing
Family Devotions, Arranged for One Month
American Homoeopathist, Volume 19
Annual Report of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, Ithaca, N.y
Llewelyn, a Tragedy [In Verse]
The Oregon Historical Quarterly, Volume 8
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N.17
Lectures of the True the Beautiful and the Good
The Poems of William Watson, Volume 2
Patented Telephony: A Review of the Patents Pertaining to Telephones and Telephonic Apparatus
Alumni Report Volume 37 N.7
Paraguayans of To-Day
The Battle of the Standard
Ancient History Pamphlets, Volume 10
The Fire Brigade: Or Fighting the Flames, a Tale
Stepping Stones to Literature: A New Fifth Reader
Practical Perspective: For the Use of Students. Translated from the French
Illustrations of Taxation ...: The Park and the Paddock
The Critical Review: Or, Annals of Literature, Volume 40
The Description of Bath: A Poem ... with Several Other Poems
The Centenary of the Star-Spangled Banner ..
The Possibilities of Modern Poultry Farming
Papa, an Amorality in Three Acts
Dreams of Hellas, and Other Poems
Adventures in Thule; Three Stories for Boys
William Shirley: Governor of Massachusetts, 1741-1756, a History
William Slade of Windsor, Conn.: And His Descendants
William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts, 1741-1756, a History
William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts, 1741-1756: A History, Volume 1
William Sterling Lacy: Memorial, Addresses, Sermons
Ballads and Verses of the Spiritual Life
Life's Rosary and Other Ballads of Truth
The Ruling Caste & Frenzied Trade in Germany
The Heroes of Crampton
The Chronicle
Collectanea, Third Series
The Novels of Jane Austen, Volume 5
Literary Boston of To-Day
Blackie's Comprehensive School Series
A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the White Flies of the Subfamily Alcyrodinae (Aleyrodidae)
A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the Morphology of Lamellibranchiate Mollusks
A Contribution to Indian Carcinology
A Contribution to Our Knowledge of Seedlings
A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the Food Fishes of the Oregon Coast
A Contribution to Elizabethan History
William Shaen: A Brief Sketch
School History of the United States of America
Statute Law: The Principles Which Govern the Construction and Operation of Statutes
Red Oak and White Ash; A Study of Growth and Yield
Saratoga, and How to See It
The Justice of the Peace and His Functions; On and Off the Bench
New Developments in Poultry-Raising
American Journal of Pharmacy Volume 73 N.2
International Record of Medicine Volume 6, No.6
The Fathers of the Church, by the Authors of 'Tales of Kirkbeck'
Annual Report, Volume 15
The Ever-Living Life
Moab, Ammon, and Gilead
The Iron Muse
The Quarterly Journal of Education, Volume 5
Bahai Revelation
Dollars and Sense in the Poultry Business ..
Life and Times of Jonathan Bryan, 1708-1788
Attila, a Tragedy in Four Acts;
Pigs. Breeds and Management
The Principle of Individuality in the Philosophy of Thomas Hill Gree
Lustra of Ezra Pound, with Earlier Poems
The Chronicles of America Series Volume 46
A Corporation Manual of the City
A Coroner's Inquisition. a Farce, in One Act
A Corner of the Cotswolds Through the Nineteenth Century
A Corner Stone of Colonial Commerce
Proceedings / California. Fruit Growers and Farmers Convention, Issue 31
Sympathy and System in Giving
Traction and Transmission, Volume 7
Elementary Mechanics
Neues Topographisch-Statistisch-Geographisches Worterbuch Des Preussischen Staats, Volume 3
Hiou Tenas Iktah
Sermons to Country Congregations
The Racing Calendar
A Course of Lectures on Elocution
Lusitania Illustrata: Notices on the History, Antiquities, Literature, &C., of Portugal Volume 2
The Pope and His Patron
Clean Water and How to Get It
The Georgia Historical Quarterly, Volume 3
The Elements of Composition, Belles-Lettres, and Oratory: The Elements of Composition
Timehri Volume 12-15 N.S
Come Sail Away
Critiques and Addresses
China and the Allies, Volume 2
The Industrial Interests of California
A Consul's Manual and Shipowner's and Shipmaster's Practical Guide in Their Transactions Abroad
A Continental Marriage
The Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann
The Complete Works of Henry George, Volume 6
The National Music of the World
The Raid of John Brown at Harper's Ferry as I Saw It Volume 1
Readings in English Social History from Contemporary Literature Volume 1
Biennial Report of the State Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Guide for Instruction in Judaism: A Manual for Schools and Homes
Flora Ingrica: Confecta Et Propiis Observationibus Aucta Davide de Gorter
Jenaische Philosophische Bibliothek, Volume 2
Silberberg's Legacy: Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse
Gypsies of Spain
Some Essentials in Beef Production
Elfrida, or Paternal Ambition: A Novel in Two Volumes, Volume 2
In the Woods with Bryant, Longfellow, and Halleck
The Ancient Jew and the Modern German: A Parallel
An Address, Delivered at the Custom-House, New-Orleans, on the Fourth of July, 1865
Old Copp's Hill and Burial Ground; With Historic Sketches
Logarithmic and Other Mathematical Tables
Pelayo: An Epic of the Olden Moorish Time
The Preceptor, or Counsellor of Human Life: For the Use of the British Youth
The Smile on the Face of the Tiger: A Collection of Limericks
Law Sports at Gray's Inn (1594) Including Shakespeare's Connection with the Inn's of Court
The Imaginal Reaction to Poetry: The Affective and the Aesthetic Judgment
A Report on Education in China (for American Educational Authorities)
Diagnostic Symptoms in Nervous Diseases
A Review of the Causes and Consequences of the Mexican War
Aboriginal Remains in the Champlain Valley
Colley Cibber Volume 1
Abraham Lincoln, the Man of the People
Government of the Canal Zone
The Great White Tribe in Filipinia
The Jugoslavs in the United States of America
Banking Reform
Marmion, a Tale of Flodden Field
Sir William Johnson
Chinese Gordon, a Succinct Record of His Life;
Paradigmata Nominum Simplicium, AC Verborum Integra
Selected Bulletins, Volume 3
Mont Blanc, a Comedy, by H. and A. Mayhew
A Counter-Blaste to Tobacco
A Cotton Manual for Manufacturers and Students
A Costly Heritage
A Cotswold Village, Or, Country Life and Pursuits in Gloucestershire
A Counterfeit Presentment. Comedy
A Counsel of Perfection
The Life and Times of Robert Emmet, Esq
The Professor at the Breakfast Table, Volume 1
International Record of Medicine Volume 106, No.7
The Cleveland Medical Gazette, Volume 3, Issue 9
Southern Medical Journal Volume 7 N.11
An Alphabet of Emblems
A Country Lane: Its Flora and Its Fauna
A Country Kid: A Rural Merry Comedy in Three Acts
A Country Girl Goes to a Tokyo School: Volume I
Annual Report Volume 1914
Aphorisms and Reflections: Conduct, Culture and Relgion
Britain's War by Land
As a Man Thinks; A Play in Four Acts
Briton, Boer and Black, Or, Ten Years' Hunting, Trading and Prospecting in South Africa
Beha 'U'llah (the Glory of God) Volume 2
The Correct Arms of the State of New York
The Book of Gold and Other Poems
Cobwebs: Being the Fables of Zambri, the Parsee
Pain, Its Causation and Diagnostic Significance in Internal Diseases
Southern Medical Journal Volume 12 N.10
Memoirs Volume 45
The Life of ... William Whitmarsh Phelps
The Clives of Burcot. by Hesba Stretton
The Story of Helen Davenant, Volume 1
Trial Time
A Contribution to the Geology of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah
A Contribution to the Embryology, Life-History, and Classification of the Dicyemids
A Contribution to the Chemistry of the Tellurates
A Novel with Two Heroes
International Record of Medicine Volume 106, No.8
Royal Society of Health Journal Volume 43 N.5
Monsignor Parisis on Catholic Journalism
Memoirs of the Empress Josephine
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham Volume 3
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, Volume 3
William Pitt: A Biography
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham: Second Essay
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, Volume 1
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, Volume 2
Our Living Representative Men
Cehrs Study Guide: Electronic Health Records Specialist Exam Prep
Dorothy Wordsworth; The Story of a Sister's Love
Farm Ballads
Covenant Names and Privileges
Kant's Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics
Hayward's Annals of Elizabeth
Drifting and Resisting
The Poetical Works of Jo. Cunningham: With the Life of the Author
College Greek Course in English
The Angling Excursions of Gregory Greendrake in Ireland: County Westmeath
Greek Architecture
British Veterinary Journal, Volume 61
Plant Life
Souls: A Comedy of Intentions
Solomon Crow's Christmas Pockets: And Other Tales
Leaves of Knowledge
The Professor at the Breakfast-Table, with the Story of Iris
The Convict: A Tale, Volume 2
Eduardi Corsini Clericorum Regularium Scholarum Piarum... Institutiones Philosophicae: Ad Usum Scholarum Piarum: Tomus Primus
Archaeology of Ohio, Issues 73-84
Review of the Characters of the Principal Nations in Europe
General Instructions, Tariff of Charges, Terms and Conditions of Lease of Instruments; Exchange Lists
William Morris: Poet, Craftsman, Socialist
William Morris; An Address Delivered the Xith November MDCCCC at Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, Befor
William Newton Clarke: A Biography
William Nylander
A Country Boy: And Other Poems
Jerusalem Delivered
From the Black Sea Through Persia and India
Color Key to North American Birds: With Bibliographical Appendix
Classification, Theoretical and Practical ..
The Chronicles of America Series Volume 40
Ballads from Punch and Other Poems
Stringtown on the Pike: A Tale of Northenmost Kentucky
Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volume 1
Elson Readers, Book 1
Essays on His Own Times
Greece Under King George
A Correct Statement of the Various Sources
Congregationalism and Methodism
The Design of Steel Mill Buildings: And the Calculation of Stresses in Framed Structures
Sporting Scenes Amongst the Kaffirs of South Africa
A Course in Experimental Psychology,
A Country Book
A Country Boy Scout;
A Country Child
A Country Boy and Other Poems
A Country Chronicle
Archaeology of Ohio
Bairnsfather: A Few Fragments from His Life
Asia: A Geography Reader;
The Beauties of Henry Kirke White: Consisting of Selections from His Poetry and Prose
American Anthropologis, Volume V.06 PT.01-02
Appendix to Cape Meridian Observations, 1890-1891. Star-Correction Tables
Among English Inns; The Story of a Pilgrimage to Characteristic Spots of Rural England
Monograph of the Isoetaceae
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 12 N.4
The Messiah, Volume 2
The Story of John Trevennick
Misalliance, with a Treatise on Parents & Children
The Guilelmensian, Volume 46
The Adventures of a Bank-Note
The Effinghams, Or, Home as I Found It, Volume 1
One Hundred Years of Banking in Westerly
Elements of Phonetics, English, French [And] German;
Elementary-School Speller
Classification of the Coleoptera of North America, Parts 1-2
Health Culture, Volume 19, Issue 1
Friendship's Offering, Volume 8
Sermons Tr., with Memoirs of His Life, by J. Allen
Leonardi Plukenetii ... Opera Omnia Botanica, in Sex Tomos Divisa, Volume 3
Poultry-Keeping for Pleasure & Profit : What to Do, and How to Do It
William Sharp Engraver with a Descriptive Catalogue of His Works
William Shakspere: A Study in Elizabethan Literature
William Sharp (Fiona MacLeod): A Memoir
William Sharp (Fiona MacLeod): A Memoir Compiled by His Wife, Elizabeth A. Sharp
Defence of the System of Internal Improvements of the State of New Jersey
The Complete Works of Henry George ..., Volume 8
An Elementary Treatise on the Jurisdiction and Procedure of the Federal Courts
William Oughtred: A Great Seventeenth-Century Teacher of Mathematics
William of Normandy: A Chronicle-Play
Memoir of Washington Irving. with Selections from Hsi Works, and Criticisms
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 15 N.5-6
American Journal of Pharmacy Volume 73 N.7
Public Health Nursing Volume 11 N.5
The Heroes of Early Israel
Royal Society of Health Journal Volume 33 N.11
Southern Medical Journal Volume 3 N.7
Expositio Philosophiae Newtonianae
Our National Vice
Welsh Reformers
The Master of the Hill: A Biography of John Meigs
Letters and Papers
The Circuit Rider: A Tale of the Heroic Age
Beacon Lights of History, Volume 2
Andy the Acrobat: Or, Out with the Greatest Show on Earth
The Purchasing Power of Money; Its Determination and Relation to Credit, Interest and Crises
Practical Experience with the Work Week of Forty-Eight Hours or Less
Autobiography of George Dewey, Admiral of the Navy ..
Report of the Secretary
Arkansas Soft Pine; Satin-Like Interior Trim, Soft, Workable Common Lumber
The Poems of Sir Thomas Wiat, from the Mss. and Early Editions
Australasian Catholic Record Volume 15
Lost Endeavour
The Loves of Jonathan and Virginia
The Court-House of the District of Columbia
Annus Apostolicus: Continens Conciones Omnibus & Singulis Totius Annis Diebus Festiuis Praedicables
Elements of Psychology
Poems and Songs, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
Sir Ferdinando Gorges and His Province of Maine
The Lady at Home: Or, Happiness in the Household
In the Days of the Georges
Space Astrophysics
Educational News, Volume 6
Annual Report of the Secretary of the Connecticut State Board of Agriculture, Volume 35
Memoir of Mrs. Ann H. Judson, Late Missionary to Burmah
The Life of Titian: With Anecdotes of the Distinguished Persons of His Time
The Portrait of a Lady, Volumes 1-2
The Spotter: A Romance of the Oil Region
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays Volume 03
A Selection from the Miscellaneous Historical Papers of Fifty Years
The Novels and Letters of Jane Austen, Volume 4
A Dissatisfied Soul and a Prophetic Romancer
What May We Read? a Conversation Story
Commemorative Poems
The Utilization of Waste Raisin Seeds
Five Years in the West; Or, How an Inexperienced Young Man Finds His Occupation
Amazing Grace: Who Proves That Virtue Has Its Silver Lining
Religious Equality: Five Lectures Delivered in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester
Old Humphrey's Country Strolls
In the Studio: A Decade of Poems
Annals of the French Revolution: Or, a Chronological Account of Its Principal Events
The Boys' Life of Christ: With Eight Half-Tone Illustrations
Recollections of Foreign Travel: On Life, Literature, and Self-Knowledge, Volume 2
Critical Essays: Contributed to the Eclectic Review Volume 1
The Silence of Love
The Land of Every Man
The Life of Lord Stratford de Redcliffe
The Hallam Succession: A Tale of Methodist Life in Two Countries
The Diary of a Journalist, Volume 1
William Shakespeare, Pedagogue & Poacher; A Drama
William Shakespeare, Player, Playmaker, and Poet: A Reply to Mr. George Greenwood, M.P
William Shakespeare, a Critical Study Volume 1
William Shakespeare, Pedagogue & Poacher: A Drama
William Shakespeare, Player, Playmaker, and Poet: A Reply to Mr. George Greenwood, M. P
A Contribution to the Knowledge of Dicarbonyl Cuprous Chloride
A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Flora of Southeaster
A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Flora of Souteastern Minnesota
A Contribution to the Interpretation of the New Testament
A Contribution to the Study of the Franch Element in English
A Contribution to the History of the Unaccented Vowels in Old French ..
A Contribution to the Life-History of Lilium Tenuifolium
A Contribution to the Knowledge of Triphenylmethyl
A Contribution to the Pathology of the Vermiform Appendix
A Contribution to the Study of the French Element in English
A Contribution to the Lower Devonian Faunas of Maryland
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 10 N.6
The Age of Big Business
Southern Medical Journal Volume 15 N.6
Alumni Report Volume 39 N.6
The Principles of Agriculture
The Londoniad
Bulletin, Issue 70
Transactions Volume 58
The Control of City School Finances
A Conventional Murder: A Rebecca Bauer Hotel Murder Mystery
A Conversation on Mines
A Conversation about Race ( 2)
A Controversy Between Erskine and W. M. on the Practicability of Suppressing Gambling
A Conversation on the Hardship and Injustice of Tithes
A Conversation Between Dominie and Patrick: Or, the Bible vs. Papacy
Joannis Piersoni Verisimilium Libri Duo
Conversations in a Studio
Oeuvres de Destouches, Volume 7
Introduction a la Rhetorique
One Way Out: A Middle-Class New-Englander Emigrates to America
Economia de La Vida Humana: Obra Compuesta Por Un Antiguo Bracman
Dar=thula: A Poem of Ossian
A Cordial for Low Spirits: Being a Collection of Curious Tracts, Volume 3
A Corean Manual or Phrase Book: With Introductory Grammar
A Corner in Women, and Other Follies
A Cordial for Low Spirits: The Third and Last Cordial for Low Spirits
William Morris, His Work and Influence
A Corean Manual or Phrase Book; With Introductory Grammer
William Morris: A Study in Personality
William Morris, Poet, Craftsman, Socialist;
The Woman of It
Memoirs Volume 1
The Planning and Fitting-Up of Chemical and Physical Laboratories
The Idle Man, Volume 2
Convergence in Evolution
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N.4
The Works of Robt. Leighton
William Maclay, United States Senator from Pennsylvania, 1789-1791
William M. Thackeray. Cut from London Society, Feb. 1888. [60]
William Luddington of Malden, Mass., and East Haven, Conn., and His Descendants
Southern Medical Journal Volume 4 N.4
The Moral Teaching of the New Testament
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 5 N.6
Little Mr. Bouncer and His Friend Verdant Green; Also, Tales of College Life
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 15 N.7
The Lincoln Cabin, and Other Poems
The Montreal Medical Journal Volume 4, No.9
Alumni Report Volume 33 N.12
The Song of Roland
The Flower of the Chapdelaines
Brunetiere's Essays in French Literature;
Historical Sketches of the Town of Moravia, from 1791 to 1873
Calderon, His Life and Genius: With Speciments of His Plays
The Adelphoe of Terence
William Leverett Dickinson, an Appreciation;
William Law's Defence of Church Principles: Three Letters to the Bishop of Bangor, 1717-1719
William Laud: Sometime Archbishop of Canterbury: A Study / By Arthur Christopher Benson
William Limon, and Other Poems
William I. and the German Empire: A Biographical and Historical Sketch
William II, Germany: Francis Joseph, Austria-Hungary
William J. Seymour & His Azusa Street Sermons
William J. Farrer, and the Results of His Work
A Course in History for Grades I to XII
William Jay, and the Constitutional Movement for the Abolition of Slavery
Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, Volume 4
Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity
Light in the Gloaming, by the Author of 'One of These Little Ones'
Magnetism: Its General Principles and Special Application to Ships and Compasses
The Roman State: From 1815 to 1850, Volume 1
The Anarchist: A Story of To-Day
William Knibb, Missionary in Jamaica: A Memoir
William Kneeland Townsend. Commemorative Adresses at the Yale Law School, June 18, 1907
William Laud, Sometime Archbishop of Canterbury: A Study
Janet of the Dunes
The Spanish Brothers, by the Author of 'The Dark Year of Dundee'
A History of Discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus & Branchidae
An Essay on the Divine Authority of the New Testament
The Gospel According to St. Mark, with Notes Critical and Practical by M.F. Sadler
The Psalm of the Good Shepherd ... Explained [By J. Speirs]
Southern Medical Journal Volume 4 N.9
The Diary of John Pemberton: For the Years 1777 and 1778
The Life of Israel Putnam, Major-General in the Army of the American Revolution
Contributions to the Flora of Siam
Famous Singers of To-Day and Yesterday
Colley Cibber Volume 2
Addresses of Director-General Hines and Interstate Commerce Commissioner Woolley on the Railroad Problem
The Book of Ensilage: Or, the New Dispensation for Farmers
The A B C of Socialism (Including the A B C of Economics)
Recent School Law Decisions;
The Raid of John Brown at Harper's Ferry as I Saw It Volume 2
Purdy's Small Fruit Instructor ..
Critical Pronouncing Spelling-Book
Lucretia, Or, the Children of the Night
Correspondence Between Goethe and Carlyle. Edited by Charles Eliot Norton
Adam Brown, the Merchant, Volume 1
The Port of Hamburg
The Prose Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart, Volume 28
Captain Kyd; Or, the Wizard of the Sea. a Romance Volume 1
Irish Journal of Medical Science Volume 115 Ser.3 N.376
Irish Journal of Medical Science Volume 107 Ser.3 N. 325
The Southern Highlander and His Homeland
Lessons in Pharmaceutical Latin and Prescription Writing and Interpretation
Old Fritz and the New Era
The Oak [Serial] Volume 1929
William Peters Hepburn
William Pitt
William Penn: An Historical Biography
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays [Electronic Resource Volume 02
The Portrait Gallery of the Crystal Palace
A Treatise, in Popular Language, on the Solar Illumination of the Solar System
William Penn as Social Philosopher
William Penn and Thomas B. Macaulay; Being Brief Observations on the Charges
William Penn, Tr. from the German of Hugo Oertel
William Penn as the Founder of Two Commonwealths
William Ripley Nichols; A Memorial
William Rowley, His All's Lost by Lust: And a Shoemaker, a Gentleman, Volume 13
William Ripley Nichols: A Memorial
William Sedley, Or, the Evil Day Deferred / By S. S
Apollodori Atheniensis Bibliothecae Libri Tres Et Fragmenta, Curis Secundis Illustravit Chr. G. Heyne
William Ricketson, William Ricketson, Jr., and Their Descendants Volume 1
William Rotch of Nantucket
William Sedley, Or, the Evil Day Deferred
William Ross of Cowcaddens: A Memoir
William Preston Johnston: A Character Sketch
William Rathbone: A Memoir
William Pyle Philips Collection in the Haverford College Library
William Ricketson, William Ricketson, Jr., and Their Descendants
William Pitt: By Charles Whibley
A Conversational Lecture on the Origin of Life, and Celestial Mechanics
A Cook Book for Nurses
A Cook Book for the Poor, the Rich, the Sick, the Well;
A Conversational Tour in America
A Copious Latin Grammar, Volume 2
A Copious Dictionary of English Synonymes
Southern Medical Journal Volume 10 N.5
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 6 N.7
Tropical Diseases Bulletin Volume 17 N.1
The Freemasons' Quarterly (Magazine And) Review [Afterw.] the Freemasons' Monthly Magazine
Southern Medical Journal Volume 15 N.10
Nature Study and Life
Leben Und Thaten Des Freyherrn Quinctius Heymeran V. Flaming Erster Theil. [Zweiter Theil. ...]
How We Fed the Baby to Make Her Healthy and Happy, with Health Hints
Bulletin of the American Academy of Medicine, Volume 12
Polyanthea Medica Tyronibus, Senibus Non Ingrata
Tropical Diseases Bulletin Volume 18 N.5
Southern Medical Journal Volume 3 N.11
Southern Medical Journal Volume 7 N.2
The Yale Literary Magazine, Volume 58, Issue 4
Southern Medical Journal Volume 8 N.4
A Couple of Million
A Country Without Strikes, a Visit to the Compulsory Arbitration Court of New Zealand;
A Courier of Empire; A Story of Marcus Whitman's Ride to Save Oregon..
Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Volume 4
Announcement: With a Register of Officers & Students, Volume 21, Issue 5
General View of the Agriculture of Shropshire
Theatre de Monsieur de Marivaux, de L'Academie Francaise, Le
Korte Schets Der Godlyke Waarheden
British Timber Trees
Barbara Dering: In Two Volumes
On the Algebraic Relations Existing Between the Polars of a Binary Quantic
Axel and Valborg: A Tragedy in Five Acts: And Other Poems
South America: Its Missionary Problems
The Battle of Waterloo and Other Stories
The Principles of Ornament
A Dictionary of Electrical Words, Terms and Phrases, Volume 2
The Logical English Grammar
Memoirs Volume 4
The Fireside Hymn-Book, Compiled by M. Braithwaite
The Philalethean Cook Book
Character Building: Being Addresses Delivered on Sunday Evenings to the Students of Tuskegee Institute
Mining Laws of the United States of Mexico
A Handbook of Phrenology
William Howitt's Reply to Mr. Saunders's Appeal to the Press and the Public
William Howitt's Abridgment of His Popular History of Priestcraft
William Henry Willcox: A Sketch
A Course in Statistics with R
William Herschel and His Work
The Creation of Matter; Or, Material Elements, Evolution, and Creation ..
The Chinese Lantern, a Play in Three Acts
An English Girl; A Romance
The Awakening of China
Addresses in America, 1919
Honore de Balzac, Volume 49
Campaigns of the French Revolution, Volume 5
Archives of Neurology and Psychopathology, Volume 3, Issue 3
Memoir of the Life of Richard Winter Hamilton, LL.D, Part 4
Our Mess: (Pts. 14-35) Tom Burke of Ours
A Course of Elementary Practical Bacteriology
Rational Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
A Course of Elementary Practical Bacteriology, Including Bacteriological Analysis and Chemistry
Household Science and Arts for Elementary Schools
Annual Report: National Institutes of Health Volume 1968
A History of Architecture, Volume 1
The Freedom of the Seas
History of New York Ship Yards
Department Circular Volume 1882
William Shakespeare and His Three Friends, Ben, Anthonie and Francis
William Shakespeare and Alleged Spanish Prototypes
William Shakespeare and Robert Greene: The Evidence
William Shakespeare Not an Impostor
William Shakespeare Oder Francis Bacon?
A Complete History of Lake George
A Complete History of England: For Junior Classes
The Order of Nature; An Essay
Deirdre of the Sorrows: A Play
Samuel Irenaeus Prime [Microform]: Autobiography and Memorials
Darwinism and Human Life ..
The Passionate Elopement
Classic Greek Course in English
Emerson, and Other Essays
Some Shakespearean Commentators R. Clarke & Co
A Country Parish: Ancient Parsons and Modern Incidents
A Country Schoolmaster
A Country Mouse: A Satirical Comedy in Three Acts
A Country Tragedy
A Country Muse. First Series
A Course of Addresses on the Word and Works of God
A Course of Analytical Chemistry, by W.W. Pink and G.E. Webster
A Course of Clinical Lectures on Diphtheria
The American Judiciary
In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians
Beacon Lights of History Volume 15
Britain and Her Colonies
Biology and Its Makers: With Portraits and Other Illustrations
Classical (Imaginary) Conversations: Greek, Roman, Modern
Letters of Susan Hale ..
A Cosmopolitan Comedy
A Cosmopolitan Actor: His Adventures All Over the World
A Costless Choir of 'Volunteers' and How It Was Made and Kept
Annual Report - State Board of Health, State of Florida Volume 1894
The Conduct of the Dutch, Relating to Their Breach of Treaties with England
Cumberland University Bulletin Volume 1921
Efficient Democracy
Annual Report: National Center for Research Resources Volume 1993 PT.2
Practical Italian Recipes for American Kitchens
An Inquiry Into the Ancient Corporate System of Ireland [Etc.]
A Course in Mechanical Drawing for Evening Schools and Self-Instruction, Volume 353
A Course in Mathematics: For Students of Engineering and Applied Science
A Course in Nature Study for Use in the Public Schools
William Henry Ray; A Memorial
William Henry Fox Talbot: Shadow Play
William Henry Fry
William Henry and His Friends
Michigan Library Bulletin, Volumes 7-9
William Heard Kipatrick
Munich: Its Art-Treasures and Curiosities
Dental Pamphlets, Volume 13, Issue 13
Davidson's Shilling Volume of Cumberland's Plays: With Remarks, Biographical and Critical, Volume 14
Catalogue of the Central Lending Library
Titus Liviu's Roman History from the Building of the City, Volume 3
The Submarine Shell ..
Tears; A Drama of Modern Life in Four Acts
Goya as Portrait Painter
A Great Soul in Conflict;
Mr. Isaacs, a Tale of Modern Indi
Brotherhood and Democracy
Bee Culture in Maine
Silence Of The Lamps
The Conflict of Colour: The Threatened Upheaval Throughout the World
The Monastery of St. Columb: Or, the Atonement. a Novel
Tabulae Plantarum ... Ad Meridianum Parisinum
Report on the Noxious and Beneficial Insects of the State of Illinois, Volume 23
A Winter-Evening Conference Between Neighbours: In Three Parts.
India Courier Extraordinary: Proceedings of Parliament Relating to W. Hastings, Volume 8
The Christian Library: A Weekly Republication of Popular Religious Works, Volume 8
Coal, Iron and War; A Study in Industrialism, Past, and Future
William Haughton's Englishmen for My Money: Or, a Woman Will Have Her Will
William Harvey: A History of the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood
William Harvey
Files and Filing
Bills Public Four Voulmes
Rachel's Share of the Road
Grammatica Linguae Boemicae [By V. Jandyt]
Essays in Biography and Criticism, Volume 1
Modern Navigation Practically Treated
Loisette Exposed: (Marcus Dwight Larrowe, Alias Silas Holmes, Alias Alphonse Loisette)
A Course of Harmony
A Course of English Reading: Adapted to Every Taste and Capacity: With Literary Anecdotes
A Course of Exercises in Elementary Physics
A Course of English Reading: Adapted to Various Tastes and Capacities
A Course of Geometrical Drawing
A Course of Four Practical Lessons in the French Language
Sub Turri = Under the Tower: The Yearbook of Boston College Volume 1933
Tropical Diseases Bulletin Volume 16 N.6
Composition of California Shellmounds
Southern Medical Journal Volume 4 N.8
Alumni Report Volume 36 N.3
International Record of Medicine Volume 103 N.10
Southern Medical Journal Volume 7 N.6
American Journal of Pharmacy Volume 73 N.5
The North British Review, Volume 43
The Modern Farm Cooperative Movement
Bulletin. Chemistry Series Volume 1 No 1
The Holy City; A Drama
The Ode of Life
A Course of English Reading: Adapted to Every Taste and Capacity
A Course of Elementary Reading in Science and Literature, Compiled by J.M. M'Culloch
A Guide to the Clinical Examination of the Urine
The Reverse of Perfection
The Physical Diagnosis of Brain Disease
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1880-81
Studies in Anatomy, Volume 2
Leben Des Beruhmten D. Alberti Crantzii
The People's Cabinet: Containing a Compendium Upon the Subjects of Natural History
A Fifth Letter to the Earl of Carlisle, from William Eden, Esq: On Population
Asphalt Paving: Report of the Commissioners of Accounts of the City of New York
Annual Report of the Water Commissioner of the City of St. Louis
Dental Anatomy
The Ballad of Hadji: And Other Poems
Asgard and the Norse Heroes
Body and Soul; A Play in Four Acts
The Faith of the Old Testament
A Defence of Prejudice: And Other Essays
Beowulf; Edited, with Introd., Bibliography, Notes, Glossary, and Appendices
William Griffith: Memorials and Letters
William H. Parker (Late a Representative from South Dakota) Memorial Addresses. Sixtieth Congress, S

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